First factory

・Automatic cutting machine: 2 sets

・Autoclave: 1 Φ2.5m×5m

・Curing furnace: 2

・CNC machining center: 4 sets

Second factory

・Autoclave: 1 Φ0.8m×9m

・RTM equipment: 2 sets

・HTC equipment: 1 set

Forming equipment

Production capacity

Device Information

Autoclave 1 set Φ2.5×5.0m
Curing oven 2 sets
RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) equipment 4 sets
HTC (High Throughput Composite) equipment 8 sets
Portal machining center 3000×5000mm
Horizontal Gantry Machining Center 1200×4000mm
Small machining center 500×2000mm、500×800mm

Quality control equipment

High precision three-coordinate detector

"Aerospace-grade" quality control requirements are accompanied by a strict management system and years of practical experience, with the assistance of sophisticated testing equipment, to ensure that the products are foolproof.

01 High precision three-coordinate detector


Portal type 3 coordinate measuring equipment