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Customer demand

Carbon spoiler components are widely used in the racing world on the premise of short-term use. However, as a car component, long-term use is a prerequisite. Therefore, long-term exposure to sunlight without discoloration of external materials has become the demand of automobile manufacturers.

Our task is to provide materials with no color degradation and to manufacture parts with long-term aesthetic appearance.

The key to solving the problem
Tailor the resin and develop weather-resistant resin

We analyzed the process of component deterioration due to sun exposure, so we added corresponding light stabilizers to the resin

1. Add UV absorption function

Absorb the ultraviolet rays before the ultraviolet rays attack the resin to convert the light energy into heat energy

2. Add the function of capturing free radicals

By inhibiting the chemical reaction after absorbing light, it indirectly inhibits light degradation

Tailored results

The R&D team has successfully developed weather-resistant carbon fiber body spoiler components that meet the requirements. We not only meet customers' requirements for strength and rigidity design, but also independently research and develop resins for product usage. We are always conducting research and development in order to achieve various needs of customers.

Car body carbon fiber parts

In recent years, we have actively participated in the discussion and research and development of vehicle body lightweight solutions, and successfully completed the sample trial production and production practices of many brands of CFRP parts. In addition, we have formed and processed many carbon fiber parts for Lexus RCF series cars and put them on the market. . Years of practical experience has laid the foundation for participating in the manufacturing of carbon fiber parts for new energy vehicles.

Automotive carbon fiber parts

Automotive carbon fiber parts

CFRP hood