Discussion on the best structure of composite materials

In order to meet the styles required by customers, we study the best shape and structure of composite materials and use 3D CAD alignment for modeling.

Create analysis models and perform simulation analysis

We pursue the best solution that meets the required performance. Based on the company's accumulated big data and proprietary technology, we will conduct thermal characteristics and structural analysis through CAD/CAM, finite element analysis and radio cha

Determine the material selection, fiber arrangement, and the ratio of fiber to r

We will select fiber reinforced materials and matrix resins, and determine the orientation and resin content of the fiber reinforced materials to determine the best composite structure.

Mold design and production

When designing the mold, we will fully consider the thermal expansion of the mold material, its own weight deformation, and the ease of molding, etc., and optimize the design of the mold and manufacture it to ensure the best quality of the product.

Analysis technology
01 / Structure analysis
02 / Heat conduction analysis

Structure analysis

For the layered structure, segmentation method and connection method designed by finite element analysis software, we will determine through structural analysis to determine that the modified product can meet the performance requirements in the use enviro

Heat conduction analysis

We incorporate the functional characteristics of composite materials into the design, and conduct heat conduction analysis in different directions.