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Customer demand

With the increasing size of LCD TVs, the handling devices for handling large liquid crystal glass substrates also need to be upgraded accordingly.

However, glass substrates with a length of more than 2 meters are very heavy. Due to the heavy weight and large bending deformation of the traditional metal robot handling arm, the problem of pressing the LCD screen during handling occurs. There is a demand for mechanical handling arms that have low load and dead weight deformation and meet the cost requirements of industrial machinery.

The key to solving the problem
Meet the high rigidity requirements of the product while optimizing the material ratio of the carbon fiber substrate

If high-elastic fibers are used, the performance requirements are easily met, but they also face the problem of inappropriate material costs. Therefore, we replaced the material that does not affect the bending rigidity with general-purpose carbon fiber.

Tailored results

A structural component that meets the dual requirements of performance and cost is realized. Our tailor-made is not only to meet the customer's technical specifications, but also to realize the customer's cost requirements and carry out further consistent research and development.


Robotic arm of LCD handling robot

We have rich experience in the design and manufacture of industrial machinery parts. Products include robot arm bases and manipulators used for handling during the LCD screen production process, bases for large-scale LCD exposure devices, and semiconductor mounting devices. We provide customers with the best solutions, successfully complete the replacement from metal to composite materials, and achieve high rigidity and lightweight requirements, and through clever composite material design, we can save customers the most cost.

G8 robot arm seat

G8 robot

G6 robotic arm