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Customer demand

Because CFRP has more than one order of magnitude strength and rigidity than the metal materials used in general structures, it is widely used in the main structural parts of artificial satellites, optical main parts, solar panels, reflective antennas and other components. With the continuous improvement of the performance of various equipment of artificial satellites, customers also put forward higher requirements for higher accuracy and dimensional stability of CFRP structural parts.

The key to solving the problem
Combination of carbon fiber layout design with low thermal expansion and precision assembly technology

According to the specific requirements of each part of the structure, we select the most suitable reinforcing fiber and matrix resin accordingly, and carry out detailed layout design to control the thermal expansion coefficient at 0.01ppm/℃. Especially when the three-dimensional dimensional stability is required, we use the honeycomb core material made of CFRP to reduce the thermal expansion in the in-plane direction and the thickness direction of the sheet. In addition, we also use assembly tools with unique proprietary technology to complete high-precision assembly tasks for large structures.

Tailored results

The artificial satellite structure produced by Super Resin Group can meet the strict specifications specific to the space environment. At present, there are still many satellites in orbit running and performing missions. From the low thermal expansion structural design of the satellite structure to the precise molding, processing and assembly, we have always carried out research and development to meet the needs of customers. This is our tailor-made.


Satellite structure

Super Resin Group has extensive production experience in the aviation field. And facing the future, we will explore the best solutions for the problems of the large-scale main wing in the development of the aviation field, the heavy load caused by the connection of the engine and the main foot, and the liquid tightness requirement of the main wing as a fuel tank. And research.

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Airbus A380 2-story seat floor beam

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