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Customer demand

To date, mass-produced golf club shafts have been shaped to adjust the appearance and shape, and the outermost layer is ground after molding. The carbon fiber is broken and damaged. The overall rigidity of the shaft is affected, and the performance of each club also produces errors. Become a big problem. This is about whether the dream of building the most ideal shaft can be realized.

The customer also put forward this demand to us: do not want to adjust the swing to match the shaft, but hope to make the shaft to cater to their own swing, and make the ball fly straighter and farther.

The key to solving the problem
Build a completely customized design and manufacturing system

We use the company's self-developed 3D test equipment to measure and digitize the customer's swing, so as to analyze the shaft movement during the swing and extract the information needed for the shaft design. In order to match the swing and get the best performance, we perform numerical analysis and design on the characteristic values of shaft performance such as torsion, bending, and weight. In order to make numerical shafts a reality, we carefully selected carbon fiber and designed the laminated structure, with more than 20,000 designs.

Tailored results

We use exactly the same process as the design and manufacture of aerospace products to build golf club shafts. Using a unique autoclave molding process, there is no need to grind the shaft surface after molding, so that the shaft exhibits exactly the same performance as the design analysis, and also increases the shaft rigidity by 20%. We not only produce shafts that increase the pitch, but also tailor shafts for each golfer. Continuous research and development to meet customer expectations is our “tailor-made”.


Fully customized carbon fiber golf club shaft